Include Headers

Posted: June 7, 2020 at 12:23 pm

Adding a meaningful Name (e.g., Week 1 Assignment) to a content area makes it searchable for screen reader users. This also ensures that it is easily identified by other students in the course.

Why is this important?

Headers provide critical structure in your Blackboard course; chunking content so that students who use screen reading applications can navigate to specific content areas. Blackboard makes this easy! When you create an item or add a new content area, simply provide a name.


Name field for blackboard content item

ADDITIONAL GUIDANCE FOR HEADERS: Headers should be used in a logical order starting with Header 1 (H1), H2, H3, etc. Headers should not jump from H1 to H3. Headings should be used throughout all Modules. Each Module should follow the same heading setup: H1 – H3, etc.


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