Natural Reader

The Natural Reader text-to-speech solution supports auditory learners, students with learning disabilities, students with autism and those where English is a second language.

Natural Reader

Natural Reader reads text aloud in natural sounding voices.  The text to speech software works with MS Word, PDF, and eBooks. A free version can be accessed on the Natural Reader website opens a new window

  • The free version includes basic text-to-speech
  • Compatibility with PDF, Word & eBooks
  • Floating bar with customizable settings
  • Compatible with PC & Mac versions

Natural Reader for the Web

Use the Natural Reader Chrome Extension to read documents on the web.

How can I get access to Natural Reader?

The paid version of Natural Reader includes additional features like the ability to convert documents into an audio format (i.e., MP3) and the use of more human sounding text-to-speech synthesizers. Unlike Snap & Read®/Co:Writer® Universal, however, the ATI has a limited number of paid Natural Reader licenses available.

Priority is given to those members of the Mason community (faculty, staff, and students) who are approved for accommodations (i.e., through DS or ADA Coordinator). To request access to a paid account, please contact the ATI Main Office at

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