Speech-to-Text Options

Speech recognition, or speech-to-text, software is designed to transcribe spoken language into text. These tools are also useful for individuals with struggle with organizing their thoughts and getting them out on paper so to speak. STT tools make it easy to simply dictate your notes, discussion posts, papers, etc.

In addition to third-party options, like Dragon Naturally Speaking, there are speech-to-text options available in both the Mac and Windows operating systems. There are also options on your smartphones and tablets. Some are listed below:

Microsoft Speech Recognition

Built into Windows 10, this tool will allow you to control the entire Windows OS with speech. For guidance on how to turn this feature on, visit Using Voice Typing on your PC opens a new window.


Microsoft 365 Voice Dictation

You will also find this speech-to-text capability built directly into Microsoft 365 products (i.e., Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote), visit Dictate in Microsoft 365 for more details. Drilling down into specific Windows 365 apps, there is also guidance on how to access these dictation features on other platforms like the web, on a smartphone, or on a tablet. Visit, for example, Dictating your Word Documents in Microsoft 365 opens a new window.

screenshot of how to start dictation in Word for the Web

Mac OS Voice Control

If you are a Mac user, the Voice Control application in System Preferences allows you to dictate text and control the operating system using your voice. Visit How to use Voice Control on Mac: The ultimate guide opens a new window, for guidance on how to turn on the feature.

Commands: Here is an additional resource from Appleā€™s Support page, Control your Mac and apps using Voice Control opens a new window.



dragon_logoDragon Naturally Speaking

Dragon Naturally Speaking by Nuance opens a new window voice recognition software is designed to transcribe spoken words into digital text. Dragon can also be used to control all mouse and keyboard functions through voice commands to provide hands-free access to a computer. Dragon is compatible with Microsoft Office.


Dragon Naturally Speaking Resources


How can I access these options?

Please contact ATI Main Office, ati@gmu.edu, if you are interested in learning how to access any of these applications or if would like to use the Dragon Naturally Speaking software in any of the AT Labs.