Frequently Asked Questions


FAQ – Accessible Text

Q: Do I have to register with ATI before I can request my material in an accessible format?

Q: Do I have to purchase my own copy of the course materials prior to requesting an accessible format?

Q: Do I have to show receipt for the material I need converted into an accessible format?

Q: Are you able to convert rented textbooks?

Q: What will happen to the hard copy of my book during the scanning process?

Q: What types of material can I have converted into an accessible format?

Q: What accessible formats can be provided?


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FAQ – Accessible Media

Q: How do I request my videos to be captioned or audio described?

Q: I have more than one video that needs to be captioned or audio described, should I use the Bulk Request Form?

Q: Once I submit a captioning or audio description request, what is the turnaround time?

Q: How do I upload my video file to Kaltura?

Q: Do you charge for your accessible media services?

Q: I’ve worked with GMU-TV or Mason Creative Services to create my videos. How do I get these videos captioned or audio described?

Q: How do I caption or audio describe my own videos?


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FAQ – Web Accessibility

Q: How can I have my Mason website tested for accessibility?

Q: How can I learn about creating accessible websites?

Q: Who can I contact regarding an accessibility issue of a Mason website, document, online video or other materials?

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FAQ – Purchasing and Procurement

Q: What do Mason Requestors need to know?

Q: What do vendors need to know?

Q: What is a Demo and Application Document?

Q: What is a VPAT?

Q: What responsibility do vendors have in doing business with Mason?

Q: Where can a vendor find more information about VPATs, Section 508 and WCAG 2.1

Q: How does a vendor complete a Mason VPAT and to where do they send it?

Q: How will the VPAT be evaluated?

Q: Will the products or services be tested?

Q: Where can I find more information about working with vendors to complete VPATs?


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