Accessible Media

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Robert Starr
Accessible Media Coordinator

Assistive Technology Initiative
MS: 6A11
Voice: 703-993-5644
Fax: 703-993-4743

The Assistive Technology Initiative facilitates Captioning and Audio Description service provided free of charge to Mason faculty and staff to ensure media used in the classroom and/or online are accessible to individuals with sensory impairments, learning/cognitive challenges, or who speak English as a second language.

Who We Serve

Mason’s faculty, instructional designers, students who are deaf/hard of hearing, and staff web content managers. Anyone in the Mason community involved in development, creation, and publishing of Mason course and web media. Captioning and Audio Description service is provided free of charge to Mason faculty and staff.

What is Accessible Media?

Accessible media is any media format for people with disabilities to perceive, and understand the information presented in media. Accessible media includes captions, transcripts, or audio description of video and audio formats.

  • Students and employees who are deaf or hard of hearing may need to use captions or transcripts to fully understand media content.
  • Students and employees with a visual impairment may need audio descriptions provide auditory output of what is presented on the screen.
  • Student and employees whose native language is not English use captions and transcripts to help understand media content.

Accessible Media Services

ATI provides the following services for course or Mason related training or web content upon request.

  • Captions
  • Transcripts
  • Audio Description

For detailed information on captions, transcripts, and audio description please refer to our Creating Accessible Multimedia Content webpage.

Request Accessible Media Services

Visit our Request Services webpage to submit a request for captions, transcripts, and/or audio description. See our Responsibilities and Procedures webpage for information on faculty/staff responsibilities when requesting services for media content.