Assessments and Referrals

Assessment Workstation

ATI provides informal assessments for faculty, staff and students who may need the use of assistive technology.

An assessment includes:

  • A brief overview of the individual’s needs and the type of technology they are comfortable using.
  • An introduction to the technology available and a demo of the technology that could work for them.
  • Typically scheduled at our office on the Fairfax campus and last about 1 hour.

A referral from Disability Services (DS) for an assessment would be needed for any student requesting accommodations, such as assistive technology to use in the classroom. Faculty and Staff would need a referral from the ADA Coordinator in Compliance, Diversity and Ethics (CDE) for workplace accommodations. However, a referral is not needed for anyone to visit our office and see what technology is available on campus and learn about our resources.