Accessible Text

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The Assistive Technology Initiative facilitates accessible text production for current Mason students, faculty, and staff requiring equal access to university curriculum and related resources.

Who We ServeHoneycomb-Documents

Students, faculty and staff with a documented print related disability are able to receive accessible text services through referrals.

Additional Partnerships

What is Accessible Text?

Accessible text is converted printed material (such as textbooks, articles, exams/quizzes) in an electronic format that is accessible via computer or other electronic devices.

Formats produced include: Microsoft Word, PDF, RTF, Braille, and Tactile Graphics.

Our Process

Processing requests require a minimum turnaround time of two weeks.#

In order to assist in providing accessible materials in a timely manner, we hold memberships with the following organizations:  *AccessText, *Bookshare, & *Learning Ally

If an accessible format is unavailable from membership organizations, we will acquire the material directly from the publisher or manually scan. Manually scanning includes the removal of textbook cover, high-speed scanning, and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) processing. The level of markup/structure applied to each electronic file is determined on a case-by-case basis. For additional information on the textbook/document markup process, see Textbook Accessibility Levels.

Once the markup process is complete, books will be rebound with plastic comb binding and returned to client. The accessible document will be delivered electronically (i.e. Email or Dropbox).Headphones on books

#Depending on content and other variables (i.e. STEM), turnaround times may be longer. We handle these special circumstances on a case-by-case basis.