Contact the Accessible Text Coordinator

Jennifer Brown
Accessible Text Coordinator

Assistive Technology Initiative
MS: 6A11
Voice: 703-993-4329
Fax: 703-993-4743

Students with a documented print disability receive accessible text services through a referral process from Disability Services.

In order to assist in providing accessible materials in a timely manner, we hold memberships with the following organizations: AccessText opens a new window, Bookshare opens a new window, HathiTrust opens a new window, and Learning Ally opens a new window

If an accessible format is unavailable from membership organizations, we will acquire the material directly from the publisher or manually scan. Manual scanning includes the removal of the textbook cover, high-speed scanning, and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) processing. Once the markup process is complete, books will be rebound with a plastic comb binding and returned to the student. The accessible file will be delivered electronically via SharePoint.

The level of markup/structure applied to each electronic file is determined on a case-by-case basis. For additional information on the textbook/document markup process, see Textbook Accessibility Levels.

Accessible Textbook Request Process





Processing requests require a minimum turnaround time of two weeks. Depending on content and other variables (i.e. STEM), turnaround times may be longer. We handle these special circumstances on a case-by-case basis.

Complete the online *Accessible Textbook Request.

  1. Select ‘Alternate Formate’.
  2. Choose ‘New Request’.
  3. Sign in with your Mason NetID and password.
  4. Select ‘Searching for books’.
  5. Enter the textbook title or ISBN number and click the search button.
  6. Click on the plus sign (add content link) to add textbook to cart.
  7. Repeat search for all textbooks needed.
  8. Select ‘Checkout’ to review textbooks.
  9. Upload receipts directly to the form (publishers require proof of purchase).
  10. After attaching receipts select the ‘send requests’ link.
  11. A confirmation email will be sent to your GMU email address.

ATI will only start processing a request when the form and proof of purchase are submitted.

  1. ATI receives the request and begins the publisher search and will start the processing of materials.
  2. If an electronic copy of material(s) is not available from the publisher ATI can scan the student’s copy of the book if the student agrees. This process involves removing the spine of the textbook. The book will be rebound with a plastic comb binding.
    1. *If material is rented, scanning ‘is not’ an option since process requires removal of book spine. ATI would then discuss alternatives.
  3. ATI will notify the student by email when their book file is ready and will deliver the file via Dropbox.