Tactile Graphics

Tactile graphics are raised surface representations of non textual information, such as graphs, maps, or diagrams, allowing those who are visually impaired understand the content.  The ATI provides tactile graphics to students and staff with a documented visual disability.

3D Printer

Image of a 3D printer. It has open sides and two pyramid shaped objects in the print area.

3D printing creates three-dimensional solid objects from a digital file. Its use in assistive technology allows visually impaired individuals to have a more meaningful experience.


Braille Embosser

Photo of a SpotDot brand Braille embosser

Braille embossers are essentially printers that print in Braille (tactile dots on paper) instead of standard text.


PIAF Tactile Image Maker

Photo of a laptop computer and a PIAF brand tactile image maker

PIAF (Pictures in a Flash) is a machine that creates raised line drawings on special paper so visually impaired individuals can feel the non-textual image.