Textbook Accessibility Levels

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Jennifer Brown
Accessible Text Coordinator

Assistive Technology Initiative
MS: 6A11
Voice: 703-993-4329
Fax: 703-993-4743

Structure in textbook file makes it easier for screen readers and other assistive technologies to read and navigate a document. The following Accessibility Levels are provided by ATI based on quality of files provided by the publishers, individual scanned materials and individual accessibility needs.

AL1 – Accessibility Level 1Stack of books with computer mouse

  • Automated
    • Auto Tags
    • OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

AL2 – Accessibility Level 2

  • Manual: Includes all of Level 1 plus:
    • Chapter Headings + Additional Heading levels as necessary
    • Linked Table of Contents
    • Bookmarks

AL3 – Accessibility Level 3

  • Manual: Includes all of Levels 1 and 2 plus:
    • Alternative text for all meaningful images
    • Structured tables