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Audiobook supports differ from text-to-speech tools in that the former is typically narrated with human voices. In many instances, it may be the author, a volunteer, or even a paid actor.

There are many benefits to human-narrated content. For example, the pitch and cadence of speech may be comfortable and easy to follow. There are natural breaks and pauses in the reading, for example, at the end a sentence. There may be tonal changes that more effectively relay the emotion of subject matter. This resource from opens a new window highlights the differences between human-narrated audiobooks and synthesized speech.

Below, we have highlighted some of the different types of audiobook and digital eBook resources available:

Human-narrated audiobooks

  • Learning Ally Link opens a new window
    • Allows users to navigate audiobooks in the same way one would navigate a print resource (e.g., by page, chapter, etc.).
    • Students approved for accessible text accommodations can request a free Learning Ally account through the ATI.
  • opens a new window
    • Allows users to navigate books by sections. Users do not have the ability to navigate in the same way one would navigate a print resource.
    • Students must purchase their own account to access these resources.
  • Librivox opens a new window
    • Audiobooks from all genres available in multiple languages. Download onto your computer or mobile device.

Digital e-Book Resources