Request Services

Please complete our Request Services Form for the following requests:

  • Accessible Media Services (i.e., captioning, audio description- single video files)
    • For single files, complete an online form for each file needed and submit the form online (submits automatically).
    • For bulk requests (i.e., 2 or more files) you can use the Accessible Media Bulk Request Form (Excel). Email the Bulk Request Form to:
    • Please submit either the Request Services Form OR the Bulk Request Form 7 business days prior to the date needed.
  • Document Accessibility Reviews
    • A maximum of 20 documents (8MB per file) can be uploaded for each request.
  • Website/Software Tools (web and non-web) Accessibility Evaluations
    • Multiple websites/software tools can be added for each request.
  • Report a Barrier Access Issue (physical and/or technology)
  • Assistive Technology Referrals (Disability Services, CDE, Learning Services)
  • Mason Student Technology Trainings on Read & Write, Self-Scanning Station and Note-taking apps (No referral needed!)

Training, Assessment and General Question Inquiries

Please complete our Contact Us Form for the following requests:

  • General Questions
  • Other specific technology training (for faculty, staff or students)
  • Technology Assessment Inquiries

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