Screen Readers

Screen readers support students, faculty, and staff who are blind or have low vision.  These following applications can be accessed in any of the AT Labs on campus:


JAWS For Windows

JAWS for Windows opens a new window from Freedom Scientific, is screen reading software for Windows operating system. JAWS reads the information on the screen to benefit those users who are blind or have significant low vision. All information including menu bars, text in word processors, email, web pages, and information found in dialog boxes is provided through speech output.

How can I get access to JAWS?

The JAWS screen reading application is available (via network license) to all members of the Mason community (faculty, staff, and students). To request access, please contact the ATI Main Office at To purchase your own copy, please visit JAWS® – Freedom Scientific opens a new window to learn more.

JAWS Training Resources


NVDA (NonVisual Desktop Access)

NVDA opens a new window is a free screen reading software developed by NV Access. Like JAWS, it is available only for Microsoft Windows and can be downloaded to any PC or onto a USB drive. At Mason, NVDA is installed on the AT Lab computers.

How can I get access to NVDA?

The NVDA screen reading application is available for free. Visit NVDA Download Website opens a new window to download your own copy.

NVDA Resources


apple accessibilityVoiceOver (Mac)

VoiceOver is a robust, free screen reading application developed by Apple and built into all Mac OS, iPad OS, and iOS devices. It is the only screen reading option for individuals using Apple products.

Visit Apple’s VoiceOver  opens a new window page to learn more about how to set up and configure VoiceOver on your device.