Webex Meetings

Posted: June 7, 2020 at 2:01 pm

Webex Meetings* is a web conferencing tool that may be used for meetings and collaboration Webex Meetings allows you to meet face-to-face using video conferencing; share your desktop, documents, or individual applications with everyone in class.  It also provides an accessible platform for students with disabilities.

Webex Events and Meetings Accessibility FAQs

Support for keyboard navigation?

Yes. See Accessibility Features in Webex Meetings and Webex Events*.
Support for screen reader users?

Yes. Screen readers support all of keyboard shortcuts listed in the Webex Meetings Keyboard Navigation* section. Jaws 2018 or later is recommended. Screen readers are unable, however, to read content from shared presentations, shared applications, and shared desktops.

Additional guidance for screen reader users below:

Webex Tips for Students using JAWS or NVDA (PDF)
Webex Tips for Students using JAWS or NVDA (Word)
Webex Web App Accessibility Features*
Support for live captioning?

Webex allows you to assign an individual in the session to handle the closed captions or use of a third-party service for live captioning. Live captioning services may be scheduled through Disability Services Live Caption Request Form*.

Option #1: Enabling captions in Webex using the Closed Captions Panel

Webex Meetings allows the host to assign a Closed Captionist* role to one of the participants. This allows the participant to type captions directly into the Closed Captions Panel for other participants to see. Unfortunately, the Closed Captions Panel in is limited in that the captioner must continually press the Enter key or click the Publish button in order for attendees to see the captions. It is recommended that live captions are streamed through the Multimedia Viewer Panel using a third-party service.

Option #2: Stream captions using the Multimedia ViewerPanel (RECOMMENDED)

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