Meet Our Staff

Meet the ATI Staff

Korey Singleton, ATI Manager

Korey Singleton

Korey Singleton is the ATI Manager. The ATI reports directly to the ADA Coordinator/Associate Director of Compliance, Diversity, and Ethics (CDE)* and is tasked with developing, guiding, and implementing the university’s strategic plan regarding information and communications technology (ICT) accessibility. Our goal is to ensure that the digital resources implemented on Mason websites and in university classrooms (face-to-face, hybrid, and online) are as accessible and usable as possible for members of the Mason community.

Let’s introduce you to the ATI team!


Kristine Neuber, IT Accessibility Coordinator

Kristine Neuber

Kristine Neuber is our IT Accessibility Coordinator.  She oversees our efforts to ensure that all university web sites, and applications are accessible to individuals with disabilities.  She provides training to individuals and departments on web accessibility and conducts accessibility reviews.  If you are using a web resource or application in your class or are maintaining a website used at Mason, please reach out to her for support.



Grady, Physical Assistance Service Dog (and de facto emotional support dog for most of the staff in the Aquia Building)


Grady is Kristine’s physical assistance service dog.  He was trained by Service Dogs of Virginia to provide support when she is walking and helps to prevent falls. He can also pick up her keys or a credit card off the floor.  He is quite popular on campus.




Nancy Borck, Accessible Text Coordinator

Nancy Borck

Nancy Borck is our Accessible Text Coordinator. She oversees our accessible textbook process.  This includes researching, remediating, and providing accessible textbook files for our students who have a documented print disability.  Nancy can help guide students through the process of requesting digital textbooks and follow up if help is needed.




Jen L Brown, Accessible Text Specialist

Jen Little Brown

Jen Little Brown is our Accessible Text Specialist. She works with Nancy to provide accessible textbooks to students with print disabilities. Jen is part-time and typically works Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. She receives request forms & receipts, searches for digital copies of the book, remediates it using various software applications, and then uploads it for use by the student who requested it. Being someone who is detail-oriented, Jen enjoys the process of locating and providing accessible textbooks.



Robert Starr, Accessible Media Coordinator

Robert Starr

Robert Starr is our Accessible Media Coordinator.  He oversees our captioning/transcription services, accessible document review/remediation, and tactile graphics production.  He can assist faculty and staff in creating accessible course material and other Mason-related multimedia.





Tiffany O’Neal, Program Specialist Assistive Technology

Tiffany O'Neal

Tiffany O’Neal is our Assistive Technology Program Support Specialist.  She provides training/support to students, faculty, and staff who wish to learn more about the various study tools and assistive technology resources that we have available here at Mason; including notetaking tools, speech-to-text programs, screen reading equipment, audio-recording software, and more.


Student Workers

Gabby Macari, Document Remediation Specialist

Gabby Macari is our Document Remediation Specialist. She works with Robert to remediate Word, PPT, and PDF documents for faculty and staff. She is a rising senior majoring in Computer Science.




Gerson Galicia, Testing Specialist

gersonGerson Galicia is one of our Testing Specialists. He works with Kristine monitoring the accessibility of Mason’s websites and web-based software applications (e.g., LMS). He is a rising senior majoring in IT with a concentration in Information Security/Cybersecurity.




Nesma Aly, Testing Specialist

Nesma Aly is one of our Testing Specialists. She also works with Kristine monitoring the accessibility of Mason’s websites and web-based software applications (e.g., LMS, mobile web). She is a rising sophomore majoring in Psychology.


Have Questions?

ATI Staff are hear to answer any questions that you may have. Give us a call or send a message!