Request Services – Accessible Media

Contact the Accessible Media Coordinator

Robert Starr
Accessible Media Coordinator

Assistive Technology Initiative
MS: 6A11
Voice: 703-993-5644
Fax: 703-993-4743

Captioning/Audio Description Services

There are 2 different ways to request captioning/audio description services based upon the number of files you have:

     A.  For single files, complete the online Request Services Form for each file needed and submit the form online (submits automatically).


     B.  For bulk requests (e.g., 2 or more files), please use the Accessible Media Bulk Request Form (Excel) and attach to an email to

Additional Notes

For Kaltura users:  If your videos are hosted on Kaltura, please tag each video being requested with “captions.”  This ensures that the ATI staff can locate the correct videos corresponding to the request.

Please submit all accessible media requests at least 7 days prior to the date needed.

Procedures for Accessible Media

Procedures for Accessible Media (Word Doc)

Responsibilities for Provision of Accessible Media Online and/or in the Classroom

Responsibilities for Provision of Accessible Media (Word Doc)