Do It Yourself – Web Testing Tools

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The ATI uses a variety of automated testing tools to evaluate websites which are free for anyone to use. Here is information on our most frequently used tools, you can also visit our Guide handout: Free Web Testing Tools (PDF).

WAVE by WebAim

*WAVE by WebAim is a tool for web developers to help evaluate the accessibility of website within any browser. Simply type in the web address after opening the WAVE browser and press enter. WAVE will provide a Summary of the results as well as display findings directly on the webpage through easy-to-read colored icons. WAVE cannot tell you how to fix any accessibility violations or even if a website is fully accessible, it will however, point out any violations. Wave will allow you to:

  • Identify accessibility errors as red icons (including missing alt text, empty links and missing headings- image example below)
  • Identify accessibility warnings as yellow icons
  • Identify accessible elements already in place as green icons


Web Aim also provides the *WAVE Chrome Extension which is integrated into Chrome and allows the user to run reports on any webpage. Visit *You Tube Video: How to Use WAVE for a detailed video on how to navigate WAVE.

AMP Express

*AMP Express is created by SSB Bart Group and is a free version of the licensed version of AMP that the ATI uses for automated testing. AMP Express also provides quick results that test towards compliance with selected standards. Even though the express version gives great feedback, it does not test against all of the standards such as Mobile Guidelines and WCAG Level 2.0 AA such as the paid licensed version. To have your website tested with the full licensed version, complete a Request Services Form.

AMP Express

Web Accessibility Toolbar (WAT) for IE

The *WAT Toolbar is a free plug-in for IE that allows for in-browser testing of a variety of areas for accessibility such as:

  • Heading Structure
  • Tables
  • Images
  • Color Contrast

It’s a great free tool for developers to test single or multiple pages at one time.

WAT Toolbar

Open Wax Chrome Extension

The Open Wax extension for Google Chrome browsers is a tool that can help developers diagnose and fix accessibility issues. Open Wax can detect:

  • Missing text alternatives
  • Color contrast
  • Keyboard focus
  • Heading elements
  • And more!

To download Open Wax, visit: *Open Wax Chrome Extension

Color Contrast Analyzer for Chrome

*Color Contrast Analyser for Chrome works within Chrome to check the color contrast of a webpage with the WCAG 2.0 Color Contrast standard. Once downloaded, the application lives on the Chrome toolbar allowing the test to be run on any webpage. Activating the Color Contrast Analyzer icon on the toolbar and selecting the text size in the drop down combo box, the scanning process starts which may take 1-2 minutes depending on the detail of the webpage. The Analyzer allows you to:

  • Evaluate text on top of an image (or text as an image)
  • Provide a visual overview of website contrast problem areas
  • Evaluate the contrast of an entire page

For more information, visit *You Tube Video: Color Contrast Analyzer

Color Contrast Analyzer