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ATI participates in (and occasionally hosts) webinars on various accessibility related topics, and may include guests from other Mason departments, universities, government, education sectors and other entities to address topics related to assistive technology and accessibility.

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Archived Webinars

ATIA Webinar: Implementing Sonocent AudioNotetaker (PPT) – September 13, 2017

– Presentation by Korey Singleton & Robert Starr

TTAC Online: Web Accessibility (PPT) – February 23, 2017

– Presentation by Kristine Neuber

AIM-VA Knowledge at Noon Webinar: Tools and Strategies for using Electronic and Large Print Textbooks (PPT) – January 26, 2017

– Presentation by Kristine Neuber

Accessible Online Courses: Challenges and Solutions (PDF) – June 1, 2016

– Presentation by Kara Zirkle

3Play Media: The Anatomy of an IT Accessibility Coordinator (PDF) – May 26, 2016

– Presentation by Kara Zirkle

*3Play Media: Advanced Workflows for Closed Captioning – April 26, 2016

– Presentation by Kara Zirkle (GMU) and Lily Bond (3Play Media)

Cielo24: Inclusive Technology Assessment Strategies for Higher Ed (PPT)

Inclusive Technology Assesment Strategies for Higher Ed (YouTube) – April 5, 2016

– Presentation by Kara Zirkle

Cielo24: Accessibility- Another Piece of the Puzzle (PDF)– March 8, 2016

– Presentation by Kara Zirkle

NACUA: A Blueprint for Building, Maintaining, and Improving EIT Accessibility – February 18, 2016

– Presentation by Jeanne Kincaid (Drummond Woodsum), Jeff Silvyn (Pima CC), & Korey Singleton (GMU)

3Play Media: The Long Road from Reactive to Proactive: Developing an Accessibility Strategy (PPT)

The Long Road (Video and Transcript) – March 19, 2015

– Presentation by Korey Singleton

3Play Media: In-House Captioning Workflows and Economic Analysis (FY 2012-2014) (PPT)

In-House Captioning (Video and transcript) – Dec. 11, 2014

– Presentation by Korey Singleton

ATI Webinar: Instructional Designers in Higher Education (PDF)

Instructional Designers (YouTube) – October 22, 2014

– Presentation by Kara Zirkle, Karla Kmetz, Kathleen Bastedo, and Maureen Madden

ATI Webinar: Multiple Perspectives on Implementing Web Accessibility in Higher Education (PDF)

Multiple Perspectives (YouTube) – May 14, 2014

– Presentation by Christopher Moy, Greg Kraus, Judith Risch, Kara Zirkle, and Korey Singleton

ATI Webinar: Accessibility Tips and Updates from Pearson

Accessibility Tips (YouTube) – October 30, 2013

– Presentation by Elain Ober, Eric Hakanson, Hei-Jung Kim, Kara Zirkle, and Rick Clinton

Please Note: Archived sessions are hosted on our private YouTube channel. CART transcript from live event will be uploaded to accommodate individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Blackboard Collaborate: First Time Users and Accessibility Information

All ATI webinars will be hosted through Blackboard Collaborate. For first time users, please visit *Collaborate Support Portal for information on system requirements to ensure that you have the right equipment to participate in the webinar. For accessibility information, visit *Collaborate Accessibility Features and *Screen Reader Support in Collaborate. CART services will be provided. Visit *Collaborate Closed Captioning for more information.

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