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CCTV’s or video magnifiers are devices with a camera and video display used to increase the reading size of documents or objects.  Software magnifiers increase the display size on a computer monitor.


topaz TOPAZ Magnifier (CCTV)

A simple and easy to use desktop video magnifier uses a camera and video display to increase text or an image size of books, documents, and objects.

TOPAZ Resources


zoomtext icon ZoomText Magnifier/Reader

*ZoomText Magnifier/Reader from FreedomScientific, is a Windows software application that enlarges the screen image up to 32X typical size. ZoomText assists those with low-vision or who suffer from eye-strain, while providing screen reading capabilities. ZoomText is compatible with Microsoft Office as well as internet applications.

ZoomText Keyboard

The Zoomtext Keyboard is designed for anyone who struggles to see the small keys on a keyboard. The Zoomtext keyboard has enlarged 36 point font and contrasted colors. The keyboard comes in either white letters on a black background, or black letters on a yellow background. The keyboard uses quick access keys to control Zoomtext software.

ZoomText Resources

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