Web Accessibility Testing

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What is Web Accessibility Testing?

  •  Is your Mason  website accessible on mobile devices?
  • Can people with disabilities or English as a second language fully access the content on your site?
  • Web accessibility testing can help answer these questions, identify any issues and recommend solutions.

The Testing Process

The testing process consists of a series of both automated and manual tests  to review and evaluate the level to which the site meets *WCAG 2.1 and *Section 508 accessibility standards. Compliance with these standards will also provide easier access to users who access the site using mobile devices.

The automated process includes the use of a testing tool called *DubBOT. This web based system provides an initial assessment of the web site and  provides an overview of the accessibility issues throughout the site. It also pinpoints the location of the errors.

Manual testing is completed by ATI staff members using assistive technology including, but is not limited to, screen reading software, screen enlarging software, voice recognition and other alternative keyboard and mouse options. Manual testing provides more specific examples of how accessibility issues effect the usability of the site

Sharing Results

A detailed report of the findings will be provided describing the technology used for testing and will detail main areas of concern.  An optional meeting can be scheduled  to review the report to discuss findings and options for improving accessibility moving forward.

To request an accessibility review, please complete the Request Services Form.

Testing Documents

To test your Word, PDF or Power Point document for accessibility, visit our Video Training Library for tutorials on using the built-in accessibility checkers for these programs. You can also visit, Do It Yourself – Accessible Text for creating accessible documents.