Text to Speech

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The ATI recommends the following free tools in addition to Read & Write for text to speech readers. These tools support auditory learners, students with learning disabilities, students with autism and those where English is a second language.

Image of Natural Reader iconNatural Reader

Natural Reader reads aloud text in natural sounding voices.  The text to speech software works with MS Word, PDF, ebooks, and webpages. To download the free version login to *MyMason and add the Accessibility module or visit the *Natural Reader website.

  • Free version includes basic text to speech
  • Compatibility with PDF, Word & web pages
  • Floating bar with customizable settings
  • PC & Mac versions

Additional Resources

Mac OS and iOS

Mac offers a text-to-speech software built into the Mac, iPad, and iPhone operating systems.

Windows OS

Windows offers a text to speech software, Narrator, built into the Windows operating system.