Contact the Accessible Media Coordinator

Robert Starr
Accessible Media Coordinator

Assistive Technology Initiative
MS: 6A11
Voice: 703-993-5644
Fax: 703-993-4743

Contact the IT Accessibility Coordinator

Kristine Neuber
IT Accessibility Coordinator

Assistive Technology Initiative
MS: 6A11
Voice: 703-993-9815
Fax: 703-993-4743

Have Assistive Technology Questions? Contact Us!

Korey Singleton
Deputy ADA Coordinator for Accessibility and ATI Manager

Assistive Technology Initiative
MS: 6A11
Voice: 703-993-4329
Fax: 703-993-4743

Have questions? Contact the ATI:

Assistive Technology Initiative
MS: 6A11
Voice: 703-993-4329
Fax: 703-993-4743

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On Fridays, ATI will be promoting a free app! These apps may be Mason related, or they may focus on tools for student success or workplace organization. Some tips and training for the apps will be available as well. Check this page or follow our Twitter feed for #FreeAppFriday @AccessibleMason for a new Free app to download.

Be my eyes logo

Be My Eyes

(Everyday support for visually impaired)


Be My Eyes is here to make a positive impact in the lives of the blind and visually impaired.  The app relies on volunteers to help those who need help on quick basic tasks. Such as asking what color shirt are trying to wear that day.  Visit Be My Eyes for more information.

In Case of Crisis Logo In Case of Crisis: Mason Emergency App

(Emergency Preparedness, Anonymous Crime Reporting)


In Case of Crisis is an emergency preparedness and crime/tip reporting app developed by the Environmental Health and Safety Office at Mason. Help yourself prepare for emergency situations at Mason by downloading our emergency preparedness and public safety mobile app. Visit Mason Ready for more information.

Mind Tools logoMind Tools

(Skill-building, Productivity)


Mind Tools is an app that allows you to build useful skills whenever you have a spare moment! Skills include leadership, team-management, problem solving, decision-making and more. Great for graduates needing to build career skills. Visit the Mind Tools website for more information.

SAM image logoSelf-help for Anxiety Management (SAM)

(Anxiety, stress relief)


Do you experience chronic anxiety or stress around exam time? Self-help for Anxiety Management (SAcarM) is a friendly self-help app that may help you to manage and keep track of your anxiety symptoms. Developed by a team of psychologists, scientists and student users, SAM offers self-monitoring with a graphical display, 25 self-help options, guidance on putting these options into practice and a closed network of SAM users. For more information, visit the SAM App Website.

Ted app logoTED Talks

(Free Educational Videos)


TED Talks are educational videos from some of the world’s most fascinating people and with the mobile app, you can have access to TED talks anywhere! The videos contain a variety of topics such as: education radicals, tech geniuses, music legends and more. It’s a great resource for students who are doing research or need more information about a specific topic. Subtitles are available in multiple languages and videos contain an interactive transcript. You can also watch TED talks on the TED Website.

Librivox Audio books logoLibriVox Audio Books

(Free Audio Books)


LibriVox Audio Books provides access to over 15,000 audio book titles including classic novels and best sellers from every genre in more than 30 languages. The app contains an easy to search catalog and you can listen to as much or as little of the book at no cost. To search the free web domain of audio books, visit the LibriVox Website.

Access note logo

Access Note

(Note-taking for visually impaired)


AccessNote is a FREE app available on iOS and Android devices that allows visually impaired users to take quality notes with customized keyboard commands, cursor tracking and efficient navigation. It also contains a powerful search feature to search among all of the notes and provides keystroke efficiency so that a user can get more done with less keystrokes. Visit AFB Apps for more accessible apps.

My Study Life App

(Organization, Digital Planner)


My Study Life is a digital planner great for students and faculty to keep track of their classes, schedules, exams, documents and more! My Study Life integrates all areas of your academic life, keeping you organized and on track. It stores your information in the cloud, making it available from multiple devices. This app is great for students who need extra support with keeping track of tasks, time management and organization. Visit the My Study Life Website for more information.

My Script calculator logoMy Script Calculator

(Math, Calculator)


My Script Calculator is a free calculator app that can perform mathematical operations naturally using your handwriting and delivers the results in real time. You can also scratch-out gestures to easily delete symbols and numbers. The app includes a memory and history option saving your calculation results. Great for students that need extra support with memorization and mathematical equations.


(Grammar, Spell Check)


Grammarly is a free web app that can help you write better by finding and correcting up to 10 times more mistakes than your word processor. Simply upload your documents into the web app and Grammarly will automatically find your possible errors. You can also edit and write documents in the Grammarly app and it will automatically check the spelling for you. Great for students who need support with writing and spelling. Free version available, premium options are included in a paid version. 

Organize Me App

(Organization, Mobile Scanning)


Get organized this new semester with the Organize Me mobile app for Android, iOS & the web! Organize Me can scan your documents and then file them into folders where you can access them on any device. You can also upload documents from other applications such as Dropbox or Google Drive and then organize those files into folders. Great for students needing to organize their lecture notes or create scanned copies of reports & papers.

OneNote logoOneNote App

(Note-taking, Audio Notes)


With Microsoft’s OneNote for iOS and Android, you can keep all of your notes organized in one place and access them from any device! From lecture and meeting notes, or to-do lists and grocery lists, keep your notes organized and easy to track with OneNote. OneNote also allows you to create audio recordings or insert pictures into your notes. OneNote for iOS & Android is available for free for Mason students, for more information visit: MasonLive Office 365 ProPlus.

Simplenote iconSimplenote App

(Note-taking, Writing)


Simplenote is a mobile and web app that is just-simple! Take notes on your mobile device and they will be saved across all platforms allowing you to access them from any computer. Just log-in to the Simplenote web app and your notes will be available. You can also add tags to your notes allowing them to be organized. Great for students taking notes in multiple classes! Visit the Simplenote Website for more information.

Lumosity App

(Builds Memory, Attention)


Lumosity is an interactive brain training app that builds memory, focus and attention. It creates a personalized training program for your specific needs that helps to train the brain! The ATI recommends this app for those who struggle with attention, memory and concentration. Visit the Lumosity Website for more information.

Fetchnotes app iconFetchnotes App

(Note taking, Organizing)


Fetchnotes is a quick, simple app to use for taking notes, creating reminders and to-do lists. Just use hashtags to label your notes and find them quickly! You can also create groups to share your notes, making this a great app for team projects. For Android, iOS and the web. Visit the Fetchnotes Website for more information.

myHomework Student Planner

(Organizing, Calendar)


myHomework Student Planner for iOS, Android, and the web keeps track of your homework, classes and schedule! There is also an integrated calendar where you can color code your events and classes for a more organized format. With the web version, you can log-in from any device and have easy access to your assignments and schedule. The ATI recommends myHomework to any student who needs a more organized format to keep track of classes & assignments. To create a free account visit: myHomework Website.

Swiftkey Keyboard

(Adaptive Smart Keyboard)


Swiftkey Keyboard app for iOS  and Android is a smart keyboard that learns the way you type! It replaces your original keyboard allowing for better auto-correct, word prediction, multilingual typing and swipe to type. The app learns your writing style giving you the best possible options for texting, typing and note-taking.

Read & Write for Tablets

(Writing, Reading, Text to Speech)


Read & Write for iPad & Android tablets offer an alternative keyboard with functions to aid in writing & reading on your tablet! Features include: Text to speech with on screen highlighting, Speak as I Type, Dictionary, Spell Checker & more. ATI recommends Read & Write for students who need extra support with accessing documents and researching on their tablets. Contact the ATI at for the license # to install the complete version. For more information, visit: Reading, Writing, Studying Tools.


(E-Books, Interactive Textbooks)


Inkling for iOS and Android is designed to help users interact with e-book content while you learn and study! Offers a wide variety of books including subjects on business, technology and travel. Includes a quiz feature where you can quiz yourself on the content. ATI recommends Inkling to students who prefer textbooks in an interactive format.

Math Solver

(Math Problem Solving, Step-Solutions)


Math Solver for iOS and Android offers step-by-step solutions to problems and equations. Offers help for problems with algebra, geometry, calculus and more. The ATI suggests Math Solver for students who need extended help with math problems.

Dragon Dictate

(Speech to Text, Note-Taking)


Dragon Dictate for iOS and Dragon Mobile Assistant for Android lets you speak commands and notes right into the app and turns your words into text. You can speak reminders, class notes, emails and more and then save the text as a note, email or send to social media. You can also use Dragon to search for restaurants, purchase movie tickets or search the web on your mobile device. The ATI recommends Dragon Dictate apps to students who need note-taking and handwriting support.

Capti logoCapti

(Productivity, Reading, Text-to-Speech)


Capti is a free app for iOS and Mac/PC browsers that allows users to listen to everything they want to read! Create your own playlist from web articles, documents and more. Then, use the text to speech feature to listen to your uploads! Also comes with customizable voices. Great for traveling, reading books to children, students with print disabilities and more.

Instapaper LogoInstapaper

(Tablet, Browser Reading Environment)


Instapaper turns web content – articles, stories, posts, videos, and even long emails into a great reading experience. With Instapaper, you simply push a button in your browser, or choose “send to Instapaper” in a linked mobile app. Instapaper then saves it for you, and makes it available in a beautiful, uncluttered, reading-optimized format. Premium version includes digital highlighting and text to speech. Available on Android, iOS and Kindle platforms.

All Access

(Logo Scanning, Business Finder)


All Access is the free mobile app for iOS and Android that allows users to search for businesses by scanning logos and QR codes. Users can search for businesses, restaurants, shopping and more all within one app! You can also search for coupons and discounts by business name. This app is accessible with VoiceOver and has built-in accessibility features such as Talking Hints. Visit the All Access Website for more information.


(Video Chat, Messaging)


Stay in touch with your friends & family this summer with Viber! It’s a free video calling & messaging app where you can make phone calls, send single & group messages and add fun stickers to your chats. Create a group chat to keep in touch with a large group of people or organize events. It’s available on all mobile devices & desktops and is accessible with VoiceOver! Visit the Viber Website for more information.

IDEAL LogoIDEAL Group Reader for Android

(Accessible E-Book Reader, Text to Speech)


IDEAL Group Reader for Android devices is an e-book reader that reads books aloud, highlights text as it’s being read, provides easy navigation and much more! It’s fully accessible to those with visual and learning impairments. It’s a great, free reading app for anyone to use! For more information, visit Accessible Systems: IDEAL Group Reader. (Please note, there is no iOS version available, but there several other options for accessible e-book reader apps on iOS).

Diigo LogoDiigo

(Research Organization, Digital Highlighting)


Diigo is a free mobile and web-based app that allows you to organize your research and create folders into your own digital library. Save web articles, images and notes from different sites into one folder! Create sticky notes on web pages or add digital highlighting for organization and Diigo will save your notes the next time you open that page. Great for students and teachers performing web research. Visit Diigo for more information.

Genius scan logoGenius Scan

(PDF Scanner, Image Conversion)


Genius Scan allows you to quickly scan your documents or receipts on the go and export them to PDF! It is great for organizing your trip receipts, work documents and more. It complies your images and creates multiple-page PDFs that you can email or save to Dropbox or Evernote.

Mobile OCR logoMobile OCR Scanner

(Document Conversion, Scanning)


Mobile OCR for Android and iOS devices, turns your mobile device into a scanner and then converts the scan to an electronic, readable copy! You can then export the document to dropbox, email or another file organization app. The ATI recommends this app to students who need to scan their own documents!

Instagrok iconInstagrok

(Research, Mind-Mapping, Organizing)


Instagrok for iPad & Android is a free app that allows you to research any topic and then turn that topic into a diagram, chart or an interactive concept map! You can include pictures and videos for more context to your ideas. It is a great tool for group projects to showcase key facts and concepts!

Scannable app logoScannable by Evernote

(Scanning, Organizing, Social Media)


Tired of the stack of papers sitting on your desk or the sticky notes stuck to your monitor? Scannable is a free app for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) that allows you to scan any document, note or business card and then export the scans through email, your Evernote account and more! Or, create a new LinkedIn contact when adding a business card. This app has endless possibilities!

Blackboard Mobile AppBlackboard Mobile App

(Class Organization, Scheduling)


With the spring semester coming soon, download the Blackboard FREE Mobile App to keep track of your class schedule! With this app, students can log-in to their class and post discussions, check grades on the go, read announcements, view content and more! The ATI recommends that students download this app to help with organization and time management. Contact us for questions or training on how to use the app!

Santa's Bag App Logo

Santa’s Bag App

(Budget Holiday Shopping List)


Need a way to organize your Holiday shopping list? Keep track of who you’re buying for and set a budget for each recipient with Santa’s Bag App. Available for all iOS devices, this app will help you stay organized and on budget for the holiday season. The app automatically adds your budget together providing a total of how much you have to spend. And it’s accessible with Voice Over!

Audio Note Icon Audio Note Lite

(Note-Taking, Audio Recording, Syncing Notes)


Audio Note Lite for Android & iOS devices allows users to hand-write or type notes with the built-in keyboard while recording the audio. The audio is then synced with the notes so that they can be reviewed. The ATI suggests this app for students who learn in multiple ways and benefit from listening to the lecture recording while reading their notes. Available on smartphones and tablets!

Simplemind logo SimpleMind

 (Mind-Mapping, Organizing)


SimpleMind for Android & iOS mobile devices allows for the creation of diagrams, charts, graphs and more to help organize thoughts and brainstorming ideas! The ATI uses mind-mapping apps such as SimpleMind to create project charts and outlines. It is a great app for students and staff who need to organize their thoughts or simply organize ideas.

  Tune In LogoTuneIn Radio

   (Music Streaming, Podcasts)


TuneIn Radio is a free app that provides music streaming, podcasts and sports radio broadcasts. Users can search by genre or local radio stations. Available in multiple languages and the interface is accessible. This app is endorsed by the American Foundation for the Blind AccessWorld Magazine. Available for smartphones and tablets!

Next Bus IconNext Bus



Next Bus is a free mobile web browser app that provides updated real-time schedules for local shuttles, metro and public bus transportation. This is a great app for checking locations all across the U.S. as well as the shuttle schedule at Mason’s campuses! If you are taking public transportation tonight, don’t forget to check Next Bus. The site also includes an accessible version to users of assistive technology or those browsing on a mobile device.

My Script LogoMy Script Smart Note

(Handwritten Note-Taking, Digital Notebooks)


My Script Smart Note allows users to create handwritten notes and convert them to a digital text format. This app is perfect for students who want to create and organize notes by class and then share their notes with classmates through email or social media directly from the app. Users can also insert images and draw math equations that convert to a digital format. The ATI suggests this app for student assessments! Contact our office to see a demo, or download for your Android or iOS device.

Wunderlist logoWunderlist

(To-Do Lists, Reminders, Note Sharing)


Wunderlist is a great app for creating and modifying to-do lists, capturing ideas and sharing them with others. Whether it’s a grocery list, a to-do list or a recipe list, Wunderlist can help you organize your thoughts. The ATI uses Wunderlist for creating and organizing project lists! Wunderlist is available on all mobile devices including Kindle Fire and Chromebook, Mac, Win. 8 and your web browser.

Mason Watch App LogoMason Watch Mobile App

(Safety & Security)


George Mason University Mason Watch app is a crime and tip reporting app developed by University Police. The app allows users to anonymously report crimes, get access to the latest emergency training tips and emergency phone numbers. Anyone working or going to school at a Mason campus should download this app! Available for iOS & Android devices.

Audiobooks app AudioBooks

(E-Books, Classic Novels)


Audiobooks is a free app that has a library of more than 45,000 titles including best sellers, classics and novels. Listen to your books on the go! Even though the app is free, you may need to subscribe to an account for a minimal cost. Visit the AudioBooks Website for more information and to browse titles. Available for iOS & Android devices.

Evernote app


(NoteTaking, Organizing, Social Media)


Evernote is a great app for students, faculty, admin or anyone who needs to organize multiple documents and pictures into one application. The app does have a free version that is available on all platforms. You can upload handwritten notes, pictures, documents and share them with classmates & colleagues. Files can then be accessed on any desktop or mobile device. Contact the ATI for more information about Evernote or to see a demo of the free version.

Dropbox appDropbox

(File Storage, Organizing, Social Media)


Dropbox allows you to store documents, music and other files online providing easy sharing between multiple devices. The app works for PC, Mac, Android and iOS devices. Just log-in on any device and have access to all of your files from anywhere.

""Mobile Mason

(Mason News, Campus Information)


Mason has its own official app called Mobile Mason. It can be downloaded on the App Store for iOS devices or Google Play. It offers quick access to Mason News, Athletic information, Blackboard, Library   Services, Campus Map, Directory and more! Note: Mobile Mason is not to be confused with GMU Mobile. GMU Mobile is NOT an officially sponsored Mason app, so please be aware when searching for apps.