Snap & Read/Co:Writer Universal Chrome Extension

The ATI recommends the following free tools, in addition, to Read & Write for text to speech readers. These tools support auditory learners, students with learning disabilities, students with autism and those where English is a second language.

Snap & Read Universal

The Snap & Read® Universal Extension for Chrome™ is a reading tool for Google Chrome, mobile devices (i.e., iPad), and more.  Snap & Read provides resources that support our very diverse learners’ reading needs. It reads both accessible and inaccessible text aloud, levels vocabulary, and can translate several languages. View the quick demo video below (2:19) to learn more:


Snap & Read Features:

  • Text-to-Speech (i.e., having electronic text read aloud)
  • Support for creating outlines
  • Dynamic Text Leveling (i.e., adjusts the readability of text without changing the meaning)
  • Language Translator
  • PDF Annotation
  • Distraction minimizer
  • Color Overlay/Reading Line Guides
  • Screenshot Reader

Co:Writer Universal

The Co:Writer® Universal Extension for Chrome™ is a tool that assists you with using proper grammar and spelling when you write. It integrates with the Chrome™ browser for word prediction and speech recognition just about anywhere you write online including Google Docs™, Microsoft Word, Blackboard, online tests, social media, email, etc. It integrates seamlessly with Snap & Read to provide you with a robust reading and writing solution.

View the quick demo video below (2:51) to learn more:


Co:Writer Features:

  • Speech-to-text support
  • Millions of topic dictionaries
  • Spelling support
  • Grammar support
  • Language Translator

How can I get one or both of these resources?

The Snap & Read®/Co:Writer® Universal Extensions for Chrome™ are available to all members of the Mason community (faculty, staff, and students). To request an account, please contact the ATI Main Office at

Snap & Read/Co:Writer Universal for Chrome Training Resources