Request Accessible Media Services

There are 2 different ways to request captioning/audio description services based upon the number of files you have:

  1. For single files, complete the online Request Services Form for each file needed and submit the form online (submits automatically).
  2. For bulk requests (e.g., 2 or more files), please use the Accessible Media Bulk Request Form (Excel) and attach to an email to

Please submit all accessible media requests at least 7 days prior to the date needed.

Additional Notes

For Kaltura users:  If your videos are hosted on Kaltura, please tag each video being requested with “captions.”

For each video requested, go to your Kaltura My Media in Blackboard > find the video you need captioned > select Edit for that video > Scroll down to the Tags box > type in “captions”.

This ensures the ATI staff can locate the correct videos corresponding to the request.

Procedures and Responsibilities