Creating Accessible Documents (Word/PDF)

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The following videos demo aspects of creating accessible documents. For additional information on creating accessible documents, visit our Guide to Creating Accessible Electronic Materials (PDF) or Do It Yourself – Accessible Text.

Microsoft Word 2013: Creating Accessible Documents/Syllabus

Note: The videos below are courtesy of Atomic Learning. If you are not connected to the Mason network, you may need to log in to *Atomic Learning with your Mason credentials and you will be able to view all of the video links below. To view the entire tutorial on creating an accessible syllabus in Atomic Learning, visit: *Atomic Learning:Creating an Accessible Syllabus using Acrobat Pro & Word 2013

Converting Accessible Word Documents to PDF

Adobe Acrobat Pro: Creating an Accessible PDF

The videos below are courtesy of Atomic Learning. For additional videos on creating accessible PDF documents, visit *Atomic Learning Acrobat Pro 9 Accessibility.

Adobe Acrobat Pro: Checking Documents for Accessibility (You Tube Videos)