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This page describes the software available to Mason employees and students that aid in reading, writing and studying. This software is available in the ATI office for demonstrations. Please contact us to schedule an appointment to see which features are right for you.

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*Read & Write Gold is is a FREE software that has been purchased by the ATI and any individual with a Mason ID can download a FREE PC or Mac remote user copy from Blackboard! It is a great tool for anyone and promotes reading, writing, studying, research and more! The toolbar integrates with Microsoft Word, Internet browsers and Google docs to provide literacy support such as word prediction, studying tools such as highlighting features and a Speech Maker feature where you can turn any block of text into an mp3 file. An updated PC version 11 & Mac version 6 is now available on the ATI Accessibility Module within Blackboard. Simply *Log-In to Blackboard and select Add Module on the upper left-hand corner. See the How to Download Video or PDF below for further instructions. Contact us to stop by our office and see a demo of Read & Write Gold and how it can work for you.

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Benefits of Read & Write Gold:

  • Improves Reading Fluency and Comprehension
  • Facilitates Research, Writing, Studying, and Test Taking
  • Integrates with Mainstream Applications
  • Encourages Independence and Inclusion
  • Supports Common Core State Standards
  • Provides UDL Tools that Benefit ALL Students across all RTI Tiers
  • Prepares Students for Success in College and Careers

How to Download Read and Write Gold on Blackboard (No Narration, Background Music Only)

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*Inspiration 9 is the ultimate thinking, learning and mind mapping tool. This software will help you brainstorm ideas, structure your thoughts and communicate your concepts. Using the integrated tools, you can create maps, visual diagrams, take notes, create structure plans and more all within the same program! Whether you are a student or a faculty member, Inspiration can help you to organize your thoughts and communicate ideas for any subject or topic. To download a FREE trial, visit: *FREE Inspiration Trial. You can also find information about the Free Inspiration Maps iPad App on the Mobile Apps Page.

Inspiration Resources

Examples of Inspiration Mind Map Views:

Mind Map Diagram 1                                                  Mind Map Diagram 2

WYNN Wizard

*WYNN Wizard is a document reading system that consists of optical character recognition software (OCR), a scanner and a software speech synthesizer. It allows the user to scan hard copy documents and have them read out loud by the computer. It has a built-in dictionary and thesaurus. It also allows the user to read and highlight text as well as record auditory notes.

WYNN Wizard

WYNN Resources

*WYNN Tip Sheets

*WYNN User Guide